Wine Lips And Winged Liner Look With Miniso
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Wine Lips & Winged Liner Look With MINISO

A few months back before lock-down I have been to this amazing place named MINISO for those who have no idea about this let me give you a quick intro on this brand MINISO, its a Japan-based designer brand where you can find everything right from household stuff to cosmetics and from stationery to electronics products where MINISO sticks to the core principle of “high-quality products but low-price,” MINISO also pays high attention to the looks of products. In MINISO you will find each and everything Good-looking products which come with a good design. Now, keeping everything aside I would like to talk about the makeup stuff that I got from MINISO, and today I’m back with another makeup look which I have created my using MINISO products the look that I have created is a Winged Liner with Wine Red Lips.

Products Used:-

Products Used
  • Miniso Wonder Lips 2in 1 Lipliner & Lipstick (01 Wine Red)
  • Precision Eyeliner
  • Long – Lasting Eyebrow Pencil+Eyebrow Powder


Winged Eye liner
Winged Eye liner

Precision Eyeliner:- With the help of this eyeliner, it has become very easy to create a wing eyeliner look due to its pen-like applicator. This is great for if you are a beginner in makeup whereas you don’t need super steady hands to draw a neat line and it dries out very fast.


Close-up - Beauty.m

Long – Lasting Eyebrow Pencil+Eyebrow Powder:- This eyebrow pencil includes pencil at one end and eyebrow powder at another end while applying first you have to shape your eyebrow with the pencil side and then fill empty spaces by using the eyebrow powder side by dabbing it lightly on your brows. This eyebrow pencil makes your brows look like natural brows but better.



MINISO Wonder Lips 2in 1 Lipliner & Lipstick (01 Wine Red):- As shown in the pictures above this lipstick also have 2 sides one end it has lipliner and another end it has lipstick while applying first you need to outline your lips with help of the lipliner and after that fill in the center part of lips with the lipstick. The best part of the lipstick that I like is that its lipliner has a sketch pen-like applicator which is unique I have never seen this kind of applicator in any other lip liner. 

Final Look

Final Look

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