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Step-By-Step Guide to Create Easy Smokey Eyes (Using only 2 Eyeshadow Shades)

Smokey eyes has always been at top 1 position till now in the world’s most hottest makeup trends list for years now. Smokey eyes makeup looks are very dramatic, daring, and bold, and they’re perfect for any occasions from a date night to any festive occasions. Many of then also trouble to create a perfect smokey eyes look where they end up looking like sort of a panda.

Creating this look gets even better, with a touch of practice and a lots of blending, so that anyone can achieve this versatile look. If you take this look in a creative way then there is no color boundaries to create this look While black and grey are common options for smokey eyes look and moving towards the creative color options you can select colors such as purples, greens, blues, or any other color you like!

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To create a smokey eye, although you’ll need to remember that you require minimum three shades of an identical hue.

Now coming to this article I will teach you how you can achieve this smokey eye makeup look using only 2 eye shadow shades don’t you think its amazing to get this smokey eye look just in 2 minutes using only 2 shades from you palette. 

Few things to keep In Mind before starting your smokey eye

  • The first thing to remember is to always keep the darkest shade at the lash line. Which will keeps the makeup look really modern and fresh, and will drawing more attention to the eyes.
  • Try to keep it simple as you can while sticking to no more than 3 shadows shades.
  • As I said earlier blending is going to be your friend while creating this smokey eyes look. This look totally depends on how well you can blend the shadow.

How to create a classic smokey eye

Step 1:- In this step you need to first begin with your transition shade in my smokey eye look I’m using brown shade and yes here we begin with blending work all over crease area and area above crease. 

Step 2:- Now its time to apply our darker shade I will be selecting a dark sliver shimmer eye-shadow shade and apply all over my eyelids and then again our blending work begins with the previous shade.

Step 3:- At the end you just need to apply some highlighter on your brow bone to give a pop to this look.

Ta-daa this how you create smokey eyes look using 2 eye shadow shades  and just in 2 minutes  now you will be also pro for creating smokey eyes and also try to create this look using different eye- shadow shades.

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