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Hey Everyone,

So the festival of Eid is on the way with lots of tasty food, Worship, happiness, decorations and yes its the time to get nicely dressed up for the festival and looking the best are the highlights of any festival. Makeup for Eid is one of each of the essential things that every woman and girl are obsessed with because intrinsically we all crave to look flawless and a perfect makeover is what we all ladies love to look perfect and every year it always being a hassle to get a perfect makeup look which also has to match perfectly with the outfit choice don’t worry guys in this blog I’m here to make your job easy by giving you some makeup tips for Eid makeup look for you to look best of all at the festival of Eid.

So here are the simple steps to follow or scroll at end to watch the video:-


Clean your face with a face wash use any according to your skin type. Apply a primer I have used HR Primer. After this first I will begin with eye makeup so for it I have concealed my eyelids and under my eye with the Mac concealer.


So for eye makeup selecting a right shade is always been as a task like which shade will go on our dress and all to make shade selecting easier for eye makeup you just have to refer your outfit color as you can see my outfit have 2 colors that are blue and green and a bit of the golden lining so according to that you too refer your outfit for your eye makeup and play with colors.


 I have used green, blue and golden eyeshadow. On the crease, I have applied dark green and mixed bit with light green to get a transition like an effect On eyelids, I have applied golden shimmer eyeshadow lastly, I have applied a dark blue eye shadow on my lower lash line


For my eyebrows, I have used dark brown eyeshadow from The Nudes palette from Maybelline.


Its Festival of Eid so kajal is mandatory I have applied kajal on my upper and lower lash line and finish up eye makeup with mascara.

Eid eye makeup look


1.Foundation and Concealer:-

After eye makeup, I will conceal my problem areas with the same concealer and then apply the foundation I have used Fit Me from Maybelline the in shade 128. I will blend this foundation well with help of beauty blender After this, I will finish up the base with powder and I will use Lakme Rose Powder in shade 01 soft pink as it blends easily.

2.Blusher and Highlighter:-

For blush, I have used pink eyeshadow which is always an alternative to blushers. I will Highlight the high points of my face and for this, I have to use liquid highlighter from ADS if you don’t have highlighter you also may go for a shimmer eyeshadow.


As its a bold makeup look so For my lips I will be using red lipstick as red lips are never out of fashion I have used Mary Jo K from Kylie Cosmetics.

And your DONE!!! 

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Eid makeup look

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  1. Very informative. And also very true. When I got my dentures about five years ago I first was given “zero plane” dentures, with all of them looking like a mouth full of lined up chicklets. I told them “NO”, I want my teeth at slightly different lengths. I also demanded that the outer corners be slightly rounded, as are natural teeth. I also insisted that my pointy canines be kept, perhaps not to the extent I previously had then but in a modified form. I also had a devil of a time reminding them to keep the “center line” straight, that is the line between your two middle teeth should line up with the middle of your nose. You guys seem to know what you’re talking about. Cheers.

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