green smokey eyes
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Indian Bridal Look: Green Smokey Eyes

green smokey eyes

Hey Everyone,

So for today’s makeup, I am uploading this green smokey eyes bridal look which you can also easily recreate it this green smokey eyes by following my steps you can wear in a wedding or sangeet like occasions. So these green smokey eyes look I have created with images in each step hope you guys like it.

Step-1:- In this step I will apply sellotape to get a perfect shape for smokey eyes look.

green smokey eyes

Step-2:- In this step I will first select the brown colour from Cameleon eyeshadow palette and apply this colour on the crease area.

brown color cameleon eyeshadow
apply on crease area

Step-3:- After applying brown I will select red colour eyeshadow from the Miss Gold Eyeshadow Palette and blend red colour with brown colour in the crease area.

red colour miss gold eyeshadow
apply on crease

Step-4:- Now I will apply black colour eyeshadow from the nudes palette from Maybelline new york on my eyelids outer corner.

nudes maybelline
nudes black shade

Step5:- Now I will use Fit Me concealer from Maybelline and apply it on the half of my eyelids.

concealer maybelline

Step-6:- After that I will be using dark green shimmer eyeshadow from S.F.R Color eyeshadow palette and apply on my lids where I have applied concealer.

green eyeshadow
green shimmer eyeshadow

Step-7:- So now I will select this olive green shimmer eyeshadow from the same palette and apply it on my inner corner of my eyes .

light green eyeshadow
olive green color on inner corner

Step-8:- Now again I will use the same black colour and blend it well with the green colour to prevent harsh lines.


Step-9:- After that I am using kajal from Eyetitude kajal from color care london and I will apply it on my water line and also on lower lash line.


Step-10:- Then I will use same dark green shimmer eyeshadow and I will apply on my lower lash line and blend well with kajal.


Step-11:- So now I  will apply golden colour eyeshadow from the nudes palette and apply it on my brow bone to highlight it.

golden eyeshadow

Step-12:- Last But not least I will use liquid liner from Lakme Insta-Liner and I will create a thick wing liner and then I will use mascara from Maybelline The Hyper Curl Waterproof mascara.


And finally we are DONE 

green smokey eyes
green smokey eyes

You Can Also See Its Whole Video Explanation BELOW.

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