Navratri Garba Makeup 2019

Navratri Garba Makeup 2019

Navratri Garba Makeup 2019 - A woman smiling for the camera - Long hair

Hey everyone so the festival of navratri is already started and yes I know that I am very late to post this and also I have been not writing since past few months so lets keep all this things apart and let beign with today’s tutorial on navratri makeup look and I have created this look which is very easy for you girls out there to recreate and carry this look for garba every single day as it will go on any outfit of any colour so Lets being with navratri makeup tutorial.

– Lets begin with the base makeup for base I have use the Vasline Petroleum Jelly as a Primer after that I have use the Fit Me Concelar in shade(25) and I will be concelaing uder my eyes and over my lids also some area near my lips after that I will apply the Fit Me Foundation in shade(330) then finally I will set my complete base makeup with the compress powder from Blue heaven in shade(4).

– So after the base its the time for eye makeup the makeup look for eyes im going to keep it simple as well as elegant I will be using the Eyeconic kajal from lakme and apply it on my lower water line and after that I will select the black shade from The Nudes Palette and I will apply it on my lower lashline and I will try to smuge it with the kajal to create a smokey eyes look and then I will apply my maybelline the hyper curl waterproof mascara which just pop my lashes.

– Now its time for some highlight and blush I will use the The Nudes Palette from Maybelline and I will select a shimmer highlighting shade and apply it on high points of my cheek bone and for blush I am using baolishi eyeshadow palette and I will select the red shade and use it as a blush.

– Now its time to add color on lips for lips I am using liquid matte lipstick from ADS Matte Me in shade(422).

Navratri Garba Makeup 2019 - A woman smiling for the camera - Black hair
Navratri Garba Makeup 2019 - A woman smiling for the camera - Photo shoot

So this is all for today’s Navratri special makeup look tutorial I hope you all like it also you can watch the compelete video given down below if you get confuse in any of the step.

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green smokey eyes

Indian Bridal Look: Green Smokey Eyes

green smokey eyes

Hey Everyone,

So for today’s makeup, I am uploading this green smokey eyes bridal look which you can also easily recreate it this green smokey eyes by following my steps you can wear in a wedding or sangeet like occasions. So these green smokey eyes look I have created with images in each step hope you guys like it.

Step-1:- In this step I will apply sellotape to get a perfect shape for smokey eyes look.

green smokey eyes

Step-2:- In this step I will first select the brown colour from Cameleon eyeshadow palette and apply this colour on the crease area.

brown color cameleon eyeshadow
apply on crease area

Step-3:- After applying brown I will select red colour eyeshadow from the Miss Gold Eyeshadow Palette and blend red colour with brown colour in the crease area.

red colour miss gold eyeshadow
apply on crease

Step-4:- Now I will apply black colour eyeshadow from the nudes palette from Maybelline new york on my eyelids outer corner.

nudes maybelline
nudes black shade

Step5:- Now I will use Fit Me concealer from Maybelline and apply it on the half of my eyelids.

concealer maybelline

Step-6:- After that I will be using dark green shimmer eyeshadow from S.F.R Color eyeshadow palette and apply on my lids where I have applied concealer.

green eyeshadow
green shimmer eyeshadow

Step-7:- So now I will select this olive green shimmer eyeshadow from the same palette and apply it on my inner corner of my eyes .

light green eyeshadow
olive green color on inner corner

Step-8:- Now again I will use the same black colour and blend it well with the green colour to prevent harsh lines.


Step-9:- After that I am using kajal from Eyetitude kajal from color care london and I will apply it on my water line and also on lower lash line.


Step-10:- Then I will use same dark green shimmer eyeshadow and I will apply on my lower lash line and blend well with kajal.


Step-11:- So now I  will apply golden colour eyeshadow from the nudes palette and apply it on my brow bone to highlight it.

golden eyeshadow

Step-12:- Last But not least I will use liquid liner from Lakme Insta-Liner and I will create a thick wing liner and then I will use mascara from Maybelline The Hyper Curl Waterproof mascara.


And finally we are DONE 

green smokey eyes
green smokey eyes

You Can Also See Its Whole Video Explanation BELOW.

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Eid makeup


A woman wearing a purple shirt standing in front of a curtain - Beauty

Hey Everyone,

So the festival of Eid is on the way with lots of tasty food, Worship, happiness, decorations and yes its the time to get nicely dressed up for the festival and looking the best are the highlights of any festival. Makeup for Eid is one of each of the essential things that every woman and girl are obsessed with because intrinsically we all crave to look flawless and a perfect makeover is what we all ladies love to look perfect and every year it always being a hassle to get a perfect makeup look which also has to match perfectly with the outfit choice don’t worry guys in this blog I’m here to make your job easy by giving you some makeup tips for Eid makeup look for you to look best of all at the festival of Eid.

So here are the simple steps to follow or scroll at end to watch the video:-


Clean your face with a face wash use any according to your skin type. Apply a primer I have used HR Primer. After this first I will begin with eye makeup so for it I have concealed my eyelids and under my eye with the Mac concealer.


So for eye makeup selecting a right shade is always been as a task like which shade will go on our dress and all to make shade selecting easier for eye makeup you just have to refer your outfit color as you can see my outfit have 2 colors that are blue and green and a bit of the golden lining so according to that you too refer your outfit for your eye makeup and play with colors.


 I have used green, blue and golden eyeshadow. On the crease, I have applied dark green and mixed bit with light green to get a transition like an effect On eyelids, I have applied golden shimmer eyeshadow lastly, I have applied a dark blue eye shadow on my lower lash line


For my eyebrows, I have used dark brown eyeshadow from The Nudes palette from Maybelline.


Its Festival of Eid so kajal is mandatory I have applied kajal on my upper and lower lash line and finish up eye makeup with mascara.

Eid eye makeup look


1.Foundation and Concealer:-

After eye makeup, I will conceal my problem areas with the same concealer and then apply the foundation I have used Fit Me from Maybelline the in shade 128. I will blend this foundation well with help of beauty blender After this, I will finish up the base with powder and I will use Lakme Rose Powder in shade 01 soft pink as it blends easily.

2.Blusher and Highlighter:-

For blush, I have used pink eyeshadow which is always an alternative to blushers. I will Highlight the high points of my face and for this, I have to use liquid highlighter from ADS if you don’t have highlighter you also may go for a shimmer eyeshadow.


As its a bold makeup look so For my lips I will be using red lipstick as red lips are never out of fashion I have used Mary Jo K from Kylie Cosmetics.

And your DONE!!! 

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Eid makeup look
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Best makeup for summer

Best Makeup Look For Summer

Watersproof summer makeup

This is the season of summer and tan lines and some flip-flops and a cold glass of lemonade. Summers are indeed beautiful. With their beauty though, they bring along sweat, oily-skin, light burns and also makes our makeup look funny so here I am today will be showing you all that how you can get a sweat-proof makeup for summer which is long lasting and also at same time it will give your skin a flawless look without making your skin look cakey. You can carry this look for your Office and College.

So here are the simple steps to follow to get sweat proof summer makeup look:-

Rose water as a toner as it is gentle in nature and also helps in maintaining the skin’s pH balance and also possesses astringent properties that help to clean the pores of oil from the skin.

Use Aloe vera gel as Primers. It is best for those who have oily skin and minimize pores and give that Airbrushed look and they also create a smooth surface for foundations to glide on smoothly and provides good blending.

BB cream is a mixture of skincare and makeup that helps to keep your skin moisturized and provides you the impact of a lightweight foundation. Some pellet creams may additionally contain sun blockers in them. I will suggest using Maybelline BB cream as
it is cheap and moreover it provides good benefits one of it contains Provides UV protection with SPF 21/PA+++ which we actually need in summer.

Conceal your problematic areas with concealer it is an optional thing you can also skip it.

After these finish up the base with powder like use Lakme Rose Powder as it blends easily and protects your skin from the harmful
rays of the sun.

Use neutral or nude eyeshadow color to give natural look for your eyes.

You can use a waterproof eyeliner such as Lakme insta-liner or you can also go for gel liners.

To add some pop to your eye makeup use a waterproof mascara like Maybelline the hyper curl volume express waterproof mascara.

For your eyebrow you can use a waterproof eyebrow pencil such as Miss Claire it is the best eyebrow pencil in less price.

For blush, you can use any blusher which you have or you can also go for light pink eyeshadow.

Highlight the high points of your face which adds pop to the whole makeup of face here also if you don’t have highlighter you also may
go for a shimmer eyeshadow.

For lips grab any nude lipstick that you have and you are done.

If you are bored of reading you can also check out my video below 

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